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A public consultation on the challenges and opportunities of new cultural practices:

online offers, visitor listening, revenues

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What is your ideal museum?

The current crisis has greatly changed the nature of cultural offer. Cultural institutions have had to reinvent themselves and are constantly innovating in order to stay connected to their visitors.


To help them think about the future, it is important to analyse these changes. This is why GuestViews have launched #themuseumofthefuture initiative, from the 1st of March to the 30th of April. This fun and supportive questionnaire was open to everyone, whether you were a culture lover or simply curious and wanted to contribute to the future of these places.


We developed this project in partnership with a network of Belgian cultural institutions which, unlike their French counterparts who were still confined, had been opened for several months at the time of the consultation.

We found this step back particularly interesting in order to understand the challenges and opportunities of cultural practices that have emerged in recent months. Several highlights were brought to light: the search for human contact, the perpetuation of digital live offers and the solidarity of visitors.

Cultural institutions need you today!

Visitors' expectations for in situ visits and the virtual offer, relation to the cost of the ticket, preferences in terms of collecting feedback... Discover without further ado the participants' answers through 5 infographics:

The key elements of a satisfying visit

Visitors' expectations for the future

The voice of the visitor: an opportunity

Souvenirs from a visit

Profile of participants

The answers have been anonymised and are available on all our platforms: website, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn!

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