Understanding visitor expectations concerning the reopening of cultural heritage sites after Coronavirus: a public survey


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to prepare for the future!

During this global crisis, cultural institutions face an unprecedented challenge. Forced to stay home, the general public can no longer access museums, monuments or any other cultural heritage sites, places many of us cherish and hope to revisit soon. 

For the last six years, GuestViews has been listening carefully to audiences. We specialize in understanding how they feel about the places they visit. Today, more than ever, we believe that visitor feedback can fuel innovation and help institutions prepare for the future!

To gather insights we've come up with a simple solution : distribute a playful, yet meaningful questionnaire designed to gather insights about how people are consuming culture during lockdown and what they'd like to see when cultural sites and monuments can finally reopen. 

Questionnaire responses will be anonymous and publicly accessible on our website and social networks through various forms (infographics, articles, etc). Upon request, we will share them to any institution, in order to help them set up their reopening strategy.


Visitors insights are the future of cultural sites!

Respond to our questionnaire and share your opinion on what cultural heritage sites are doing to keep visitors engaged (at a distance), what your expectations are for the end of lockdown, your best visit memory... 

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